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Iconic Spanish modern and street artist Demsky and augmented reality company Anima collaborated on PHASE MN:01 Mirror; a digital sculpture and gateway to the metaverse. An extension of Demsky’s otherworldly physical works; Mirrors are augmented reality NFTs that can be evolved interactively through global exploration.

Te project includes 8,888 one-of-a-kind AR NFTs, released with a mysterious set of coordinates around the world. The digital sculptures will evolve when placed at the coordinates, changing the sculptures’ look, sound, and even tokenized metadata based on real world actions. Owners will join a community of explorers, transcending physical and digital boundaries in a blended reality that exists only in the camera metaverse.

Mirrors are now available for reservation at $200 each via Anima’s web marketplace that will accept crypto and fiat for sales. Interested collectors can request to reserve up to 15 NFTs, and randomly-selected winners will be notified in December to complete their purchase.

This is far from dropping a 3D object in front of a camera and saying it’s AR. This is truly the beginning of a metaverse – a camera metaverse – that exists as a digital layer top of our world, dynamically changing and built by creatives like Demsky.