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Four new designs make up Supreme’s new line of sunglasses: Koto, Club, Velo and Levy. And yes, we need them ALL.

Made in Italy, the new silhouettes are designed in a vibrant palette of colours and lenses with anti-reflective coating. The Koto follows a simple, retro aesthetic with slim frames and coloured lenses. It is available in blue/red and brown/orange. The Club selection comes in four shades: jet black, purple, brown and black with rhinestones. It has a thick, rounded frame with black lenses.

Velo has a futuristic line. It has no frame at all and extends over the entire face through metal temples. You can find them in black, yellow and transparent. Lastly, Levy glasses get bigger and bigger as you walk along their silhouette, available in black, green and brown.

Supreme‘s new eyewear selection will go on sale on 23 June via the website.