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Le Coq Sportif teams up with the sivasdescalzo team to deliver an electrifying take on one of the iconic French brand’s most popular silhouettes.


In 1991, Dynactif technology revolutionised the world of running, achieving a level of cushioning never seen before. Based on energy transfer, energy was absorbed from the heel to the forefoot.

To celebrate three decades of the LCS R1000 sneaker, which Le Coq used to launch its innovative technology, the French brand has collaborated with SVD to reinterpret the model. What did they want to do? To give it a good, invigorating boost. How did they achieve this? By injecting the shoe with a rich and vibrant colour scheme with retro tints inspired by the colours of Gaul’s most famous energy drink.

The LCS R1000 was chosen as the ideal model to mix with the traditional French comic colours (grey base, with touches of warm red, electric yellow, green and black) and with a grey premium materials; vintage sole, grained leather, suede, nubuck leather and mesh.

But it doesn’t stop there. Knowing that every good athlete needs his or her own energy potion, each pair of sneakers comes with a water bottle. It all culminates in a reimagining of the legendary Le Coq rooster logo, merging it with the electric symbol.


This high-end edition co-created in commemoration of Dynactif‘s 30th anniversary milestone and also in celebration of SVD‘s 10th anniversary, will be available from 16 December on the website and in SVD‘s physical shops. From 20 December, you will be able to find it in selected shops such as Opium, Hanon, Afew, Sneaker 76 and Highs and Lows.