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The project of Nike ACG x SVD, made in collaboration with Rendooo, Adrian Bolog and PLAYLAB, INC. presents an innovative formula to bring the collection closer to the community in the current context of social distancing.

Nike ACG x SVD

Nike presents a new chapter of ACG – All Conditions Gear, a project inspired by the inherent connection between human needs and the place we inhabit, our planet.

Like every season, Nike’s creative process moves them to a location to draw inspiration from the environment and the needs that arise from it. At the same time, it allows them to simultaneously test their ideas and ensure that the product responds to real conditions imposed by nature. In this way, high-performance garments are guaranteed against external agents.

In its quest to work on the real interaction between outdoor gear and the earth, Nike has chosen Crater Lake. It is a stunning location in Oregon that offers them all kinds of terrain; weather and natural conditions that reinforce the idea that the product is indeed all-weather resistant.

For this exercise they have used materials such as PrimaLoft; GORE-TEX; and durable rubber and rubber fabrics applied to a complete line of clothing and footwear that fully meet the needs of the team during their experience on location.

Developing the creative concept “Location Based Design” presented by Nike for ACG, SIVASDESCALZO explores for the first time new horizons of artistic interaction by presenting “An ACG Platform for the Digital Explorer”, which takes us to a virtual environment inspired by Crater Lake and offers us the possibility to approach the elements that make up the creativity of this SP21 collection.

The current situation makes physical interactions and access to distant locations difficult. As a result, immersive virtual technology adapted to virtual reality glasses is introduced, capable of actively connecting us with the outside world without the need to leave the urban context.

To create the experience, SVD partnered with PLAYLAB, INC. who co-led the artistic and narrative creation of the project with the retailer. Since its conception in 2009, the Los Angeles-based creative studio has worked across disciplines to bring to life fashion experiences; runway shows; campaigns and installations for fashion brands and a variety of other organisations.

The architecture and space have been created by Adrian Bolog, an architect and artist based in London. Adrian has designed and translated into 3D the artistic vision of the project creating a new typology of purely digital realistic space.

The 3D garments presented on the platform as well as on the product pages have been built together with Rendooo, a Barcelona-based multidisciplinary design studio dedicated to innovative technologies in fashion in their commitment to create new sustainable fashion processes, in order to provide the user with a more realistic shopping experience that is closer to the physical experience.

Nike ACG x SVD

In this way, with the help of these 3 different approaches that add value and perceptive variety to this new pioneering experience in the sector; SIVASDESCALZO presents new formulas for product discovery that leave the door open to the digitisation of original projects with unlimited possibilities.

The Nike SP21 All Conditions Gear collection and the augmented digital experience “An ACG Platform for the Digital Explorer” is available on SVD website.