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For those of you who can dip in on unseasonably warm London days, there is a new way to enjoy yourselves on the water. The world’s first “pool in the sky” at 115 feet in the air already exists, and it’s in the Nine Elms neighbourhood.

La nueva sky pool de Londres

Plans for this state-of-the-art pool began to sprout as early as 2013 before the materials were developed and shipped from Colorado. Its transparent structure is suspended between the 10 floors of two luxury blocks adjacent to the US embassy.

The 25-metre long sky pool holds 400 tonnes of water but is only 5 metres wide and 3 metres deep. With such a privileged water feature, flat prices have soared to exorbitant levels with two-bedroom flats going for at least £600,000. Others are well over the £1 million marks.