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Alizzz returns to the stage with ‘Boicot Tour’

After a successful tour during the summer to present ‘Tiene que haber algo más’, Alizzz returns to the stage.

Give us the dose, Cristian “Alizzz”

The smart alecs will already know who I’m talking about, but for the newcomers, welcome, I’m talking about Cristian Quirante “Alizzz”.

Alizzz’s “Tiene que haber algo más”: dates and tickets

We finally know the first dates for the live presentation of “Tiene que haber algo más”, Alizzz’s first album.

Alizzz presents its first album “Tiene que haber algo más”

After a year of releasing singles, today finally sees the release of “Tiene que haber algo más”, Alizzz’s first album as a solo artist.

C. Tangana and Alizzz triumph at the Latin Grammys 2021

Latin Grammy Awards to the greats of the industry at the 22nd edition. Among them, C. Tangana and Alizzz won three statuettes. 

Alizzz and C. Tangana finally collaborate on the protest song “Ya No Vales”

Alizzz and C. Tangana premiere their collaboration through the new hit “Ya No Vales”, starring María León.

Princesa Alba repeats with Alizzz in “Dame”

After his last collaboration with the Chilean Princesa Alba on the song “Me equivocoqué”, Alizzz leaves his mark again on “Dame”.

Tú me dejaste de querer

“Tú me dejaste de querer” enters Billboard’s Global Top 200

After breaking the records of streaming in our country, the recently baptized “El Madrileño” is launched to the international conquest.


This is “El encuentro”, the new single by Alizzz with Amaia

Alizzz launches his solo career with his song “Todo me sabe a poco” and now together with Amaia he presents his new single: “El encuentro”.

Alizzz allies with Paula Cendejas in “Otro Lugar” (Another Place)

Alizzz does not stop, he is back with “Otro Lugar”, work in which he collaborates with the new national sensation Paula Cendejas.

Levi’s & Alizzz joined by a music project

The second edition of this project returns to Barcelona, a pioneering city in production and the national electronic scene. This time with Alizzz