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Bottega Venetta’s new rubber boots

Bottega Veneta has introduced a new pair of rubber boots called Stride. They may be the successor to the popular Puddle boots.

Bottega Veneta Salon 02: all the details of the collection

Bottega Veneta’s latest for Salon 02 is full of fun and daring. From feathered total looks to spiral sandals.

Bottega Veneta’s Puddle Bomber will be the next must-have

Bottega Veneta presents a new version of its popular “Puddle boots”. Which one? The “Puddle bomber” boots. Read more…

Bottega Veneta takes another step towards sustainability

Bottega Veneta and Daniel Lee take a step forward in the new Wardrobe 02 collection to develop new sustainable alternatives.

Bottega Veneta raises the height of its Puddle boots to knee-high

Bottega Veneta redesigns one of its star products, the Pudle Boots, adding a few extra centimetres. Read more…

Joyería DIY

High fashion enters the DIY jewelry game

The movement of infatilization of the sector has resulted in high fashion also wanting to get into the DIY jewelry game.

Travis Scott, Naomi Campbell and more star in Bottega Veneta’s “Issue 02”

Bottega Veneta has just unveiled issue 02 of its digital magazine, starring Naomi Campbell, Travis Scott and many more.

Wardrobe 02 is Bottega Veneta’s latest collection

Avant-garde and tradition merge in Wardrobe 02: Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection, achieving a unique result.

Bottega Veneta introduces ‘Salon 02’ in Berlin

This past Friday the Berghain club in Berlin hosted the ‘Salon 02’ show where Daniel Lee introduced his latest collection for Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta presents Issue 1

Ya está disponible aquí el primer número de esta nueva experiencia digital que nos adentra en el mundo del incombustible Daniel Lee.


To what extent can a firm sell us anything at any price?

Diet Prada questions the price that brands put on their products; Bottega Veneta is now in the eye of the fashion blog hurricane.

The Point

The Point: The new bag from Bottega Veneta

The Point is the new bag that Bottega Veneta has launched. This piece is part of its spring/summer 2021 ‘Salon 01’ collection.


Phygital: the new catwalk format

The “Phygital” modality hybridizes physical presentations with reduced seating capacity with audiovisual pieces such as interviews or documentaries.

Bottega Veneta

Has Bottega Veneta initiated the de-digitalization of fashion?

Bottega Veneta eliminated all his social networks yesterday. We try to decipher the mistery that has burnt the fashionsystem.

The Bottega Chain Pouch is now a fanny pack

One of Daniel Lee’s flagship Bottega Veneta designs, The Chain Pouch, has been transformed into a fanny pack.

Discover the mystery of Bottega Veneta for SS21

Bottega Veneta discovers his SS21 collection through a series of books that narrate different stages in the process of its creation. In total, three works tell the story of how the season’s proposal was carried out.

Bottega Veneta sunglasses become the must of the season

Cómo nos gusta lo que nos encanta. Daniel Lee ha demostrado su destreza para poner de moda todos sus accesorios.

Bottega Veneta launches its most Western boots

Bottega Veneta has just launched his most westerly boots to date. Under the name Lean Boots, this model is a contemporary interpretation of the classic western style characterized by its complex double sole structure. 

Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent grow again

Kering ended the first nine months of the year with a fall of 4.3%, representing a turnover of 3,717 million euros.

Bottega Veneta’s Puddle Boots become a must for this fall

Among the many new designs by Daniel Lee revealed on the FW20 catwalk, the Puddle Boots left no one indifferent.

All about the imaginary of Bottega Veneta’s new short film

Bottega Veneta: Men, is the new short film by Bottega Veneta. Immersed in a dreamlike imagery, Daniel Lee takes us on an epic journey centred on the idea of “modern masculinity”.