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Bottega Veneta embraces Lunar New Year tradition with a universal message

Bottega Veneta insists on the importance of enjoying time with the people and in the places that have a special place in our hearts.

Bottega For Bottegas: All about Bottega Veneta’s new project

Bottega Veneta presents its new project where it gives visibility to workshops around the world whose products are inspired by Italian culture.

Bottega Veneta lands in Miami with an exclusive art installation

Bottega Veneta arrives in Miami with an ephemeral art installation recreating the location of its Summer 23 fashion show.

Why luxury should be covered by lifetime warranties

Luxury brands must cherish their own essence and/or artisanal condition: that of offering life guarantees with their products.

Bottega Veneta surprises with the Kalimero Double

Bottega Veneta’s creative director Matthieu Blazy surprises once again, this time with the Kalimero Double bag.

Bottega Veneta presents its new ‘Certificate of Craft’

Bottega Veneta has just presented its ‘Certificate of Craft’ which maintains and reinforces its commitment to a quality luxury industry. 

The blanding or logo standardization

Haute couture and luxury houses are opening a new era in which the power lies in the simplification and homogenization of the logo.

Bottega Veneta SS23: The world in a room

Bottega Veneta starred alongside its cast of characters in one of the most outstanding shows of the SS23 season.

Bottega Veneta’s Winter 22 collection is pure craftsmanship in motion

Bottega Veneta creative director Matthieu Blazy’s debut for the new Winter 2022 campaign presents multiple points of view.

Kalimero’: the new it bag from Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has unveiled one of the first it-bags from its new creative director Matthieu Blazy: the Kalimero.

Bottega Veneta eliminates sales and creates its own resale platform

Bottega Veneta has decided to eliminate its sale system and implement its own resale platform to increase the value of its pieces.

Bottega Veneta and its mules for summer 22

Bottega Veneta has opted for this summer’s footwear: rubber mules. And it has just presented new flip-flop silhouettes.

Hyperphysical stores as the new retail temples

The hyperphysical store becomes the current temple of fashion for those who wish to live sensory experiences beyond shopping.

Bottega Veneta updates its Cassette bag ‘Parakeet’

For this season, Bottega Veneta has decided to include new straps and update its iconic Cassette ‘Parakeet’ bag. 

Bottega Veneta: This was the first edition of ‘The Square Dubai’

The Square Dubai’ is a space developed by Bottega Veneta inspired by the tradition of gathering so deeply rooted in Arab countries.

This is one of the most repeated trends at fashion week

If you like to follow trends, here’s a basic and simple one you won’t be able to resist. Find out which one.

This was Matthieu Blazy’s successful debut for Bottega Veneta

In creative director Matthieu Blazy’s debut collection, one senses a return to a fundamental question about the meaning of the brand.

Bottega Veneta presents a new open door to creativity

Bottega Veneta is betting on a new strategy by presenting a new door that takes us into the world of the fashion house.

BUTT Magazine returns with an exclusive collaboration with Bottega Veneta

BUTT is back exactly 10 years after its last issue published in print and 2 years of hiatus including the pandemic.

Milan Fashion Week (women): The in-person shows are back!

The Camera di Moda has unveiled the official Milan Fashion Week calendar, and the news is that the in-person shows are back!

Bottega Veneta presents the elevated version of the Rubber Clogs

Bottega Veneta reimagines and elevates the Rubber Flash mules for women with a chunky and minimalistic version for men.