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Cool your drink with these designer ice cubes

Nothing better than an ice-coffee with Chanel or Saint Laurent ice.

Chanel continues to buy suppliers

Chanel prepares to suffer the hard blow of the Covid-19. However, the French luxury company continues to buy suppliers.

Chanel Makeup

Chanel Makeup presents its makeup line for men

Launched in 2018, the French brand has decided to expand its make-up collection by introducing new products for men.

The importance of Gigi Hadid being the new face of Chanel

“I have been waiting to share this dream come true” wrote Gigi on her social networks. But while it may seem like just another campaign, it’s not.

Gucci raises the price of their bags due to the COVID-19

After Chanel and Louis Vuitton raised the prices of their accessories, Gucci made the same decision to combat the losses of six months.

The Chanel SS20 eyewear is a thing for familiar faces

Pharrell Williams is the only man to have starred in Chanel campaigns, paraded down the catwalk and collaborated with the brand in a capsule collection.

Chanel Cruise 2021

The digital paradise of Chanel Cruise 2021

Chanel’s Cruise 2021 moves from Capri to Paris, through a digital show that presents us with a textile paradise for the summer.

Chanel keeps its calendar of 6 collections per year

Unlike Gucci or YSL, the Parisian firm will maintain its calendar of six parades a year. This summer, Chanel will present its haute couture collection.

End of the influencers?

It may be hard to imagine that an asset as powerful as influencers can perish. However, coupled with the current coronavirus crisis, its decline has accelerated.

Chanel is raising prices

The French luxury house Chanel confirmed on Wednesday that it is increasing the prices of its bags and some small leather goods.


Top 10 MET Gala looks of all time

Today would have been the MET 2020 Gala, so we’ve selected our 10 favorite looks from history. It wasn’t an easy task, we swear.

Chanel USB

Lipstick or USB? The Chanel hoax

Chanel launches a new electronic product, an 8GB USB storage device with the look of lipstick from its cosmetic range.

Chanel presents its 1000 euro slides

The Parisian brand has just released some slides made of lambskin and pearls. And even if you can’t wear them to the beach, you can wear them around the house.


10 fashion movies you have to watch in this quarantine

In this #mustwatch we review the essential films for fashion lovers. And for the first time, you won’t see in this list The Devil Wears Prada.


#MustFollow! The best fashion fan accounts on Instagram

If you’re interested in improving your timeline, here are some of our #mustfollow of the best Instagram fashion fan accounts.


The legacy of Gabrielle Chanel, the women of fashion

Everywhere you look there will always be a special woman who fights every day for everyone. Gabrielle Chanel has been one of the great references in fashion and…

The new Chanel fragrance is a pencil

Chanel have decided to update their successful perfume Chance. However, it’s not a glass spray bottle but an innovative pencil.

How much does Chanel’s flask cost?

The bags and accessories of the Chanel’s Early Spring 2020 collection incorporate a modern and even humorous design, where we can find a flask.

Chanel climbs to Paris’ rooftops for 2020

Chanel brought them to Le Grand Palais for a gorgeous show for their Spring 2020 collection.

Chanel Fall 2019 Couture | Viard gives the house back its supremacy

Viard is taking over from one of the most famous and iconic fashion designers of the last 50 years, so her role is not being easy.

Karl Foreverfeld

Chanel and Fendi unites to pay tribute to the man behind their most famous creations.