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‘Love, Love & Love’ Gucci fanzine just in time for Valentine’s day

The Gucci fanzine ‘Love, Love & Love’ featuring a special collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Is Touristcore the promising trend in a post-pandemic world?

Touristcore, the new digivolved trend of normcore, aims to become the new must of street style in the post-pandemic world.

Gucci chooses Doraemon as the star of the Chinese New Year campaign

To mark the Chinese New Year, Gucci devised a campaign featuring the Japanese manga character Doraemon.

Dress up your Pokemon GO avatar from The North Face x Gucci

You can now dress your Pokemon Go avatar with The North Face x Gucci collection. The garments are available in more than 100 Poketops.

Ridley Scott and his new film “Gucci

The director Ridley Scott has prepared a film about the murder of the famous designer of the Italian firm Gucci.


Gucci surprises with a capsule collection with Doraemon

Shortly after the announcement of the three-way collaboration between The North Face and Pokémon GO, Gucci has launched another with Doraemon.

The 5 most iconic fonts in the fashion world

Articulated in the typographic point like music is in the notes, its history is almost as vast as its expressive possibilities.

Tik Tok and the fashion system

Tik Tok has become the reference meeting point for the fashion industry. Is the perfect showcase to showcase their skills!

Gucci confirms shoelaces are a thing of the past

The new Gucci sneaker proves that laces are a thing of the past. The Ultrapace R silhouette has been designed following the highest technical sports technology. The result: a futuristic evolution of design that stands out for its closure system that replaces traditional laces. 


Amazon sues two influencers for selling fake designs

Amazon sues two influencers who used the platform to sell Gucci knockoffs, Dior and Chanel.

Gucci puts us at ease with Horsebit Boots

It is undeniable that Wellington boots are one of this season’s great trends. Gucci knows that.

The Lyst

According to The Lyst Index, fashion is still trendy

Lyst today launches The Lyst Index 3Q 2020, the ranking of the quarter’s most popular fashion brands and products.

Joaquin Phoenix will play Napoleon Bonaparte

Joaquin Phoenix will play the most important emperor of the 18th century, Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s new film.


Gucci thinks about imitations in its new Fake Not collection

Gucci’s new collection offers endless insights into copying and imitation in the fashion world. Thus, it denounces these tasks through Fake Not, a suggestive but explicit proposal on the subject. 

Gucci partners with The RealReal for official resale of its products

Gucci partners with The RealReal for the purchase and sale of their product, the Italian house joins Stella McCartney and Burberry.


Gucci x The North Face: The collab of the year

Gucci and The North Face discover their upcoming collaboration on Instagram. It will certainly be one of the releases of the year.

Sandalias de Gucci

Gucci sandals are perfect for summer

La sandalia de goma con tacón de Gucci es el zapato de moda del verano. Son cómodas y valen tanto para la playa como para asistir a un evento.

Gucci presents Fine Jewerly Lion Head

Gucci presents Fine Jewelry Lion Head. The lion is forged from 18-carat white and yellow gold and adorns rings, pendants and earrings.

Gucci MX

Gucci mx: the new non-binary collection that explores the fluid genre

Gucci presents Gucci MX, its first non-binary clothing collection that explores gender fluidity. The pieces, in the spirit of diversity, are designed by Alessandro Michel and photographed by Angelo Panetta.

Gucci Brown GG Supreme Sandals

Elevate your summer looks with these Gucci GG sandals

Gucci have designed the perfect GG monogrammed sandals to match our loungewear looks this eternal summer. Now available at Browns.

Gucci Beauty

Gucci beauty launches new nail polish and bronzers

Gucci Beauty presents its new beauty collection and incorporates five new nail polishes and bronzers for the summer. With clear reminiscences to vintage aesthetics, Gucci elevates the season.