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The fashion left by music >>> MTV EMA 2019

On Sunday 3, Seville became the cradle of MTV to award national and international artists for their work in the industry.

Rosalía Pirelli

Rosalia >>> A muse turned into a Juliet

Rosalía, our most international artist is in the news again. The Catalan singer will be captured in the history of the Pirelli calendar, the most prestigious in the world.

Rosalía fucking money man

Rosalía and her passion for stashing

She just dropped her new song and video called “Fucking Money Man” +”DIO$ NO$ LIBR€ D€L DIN€RO”, resulting in an amusing fusion of teenage pop and rumba from the first track, and the elegance of the second one where she performs with a lyric approach, showing once again the exquisite of the Spanish singer’s voice.

Primavera Sound 2019 | More than just a festival

With a risky line-up and controversies in the spotlight, Primavera Sound 2019 has welcomed a massive audience and was incredible!

Another aesthetic and musical gem of Rosalía: Aute Cuture

Rosalía gives us again a unique aesthetic and musical combination with Aute Cuture. 

Rosalía and James Blake star in ‘Barefoot in the Park’ video

A few months ago the Internet went crazy to see the stories of Rosalia in which she shared a studio with the iconic James Blake. Now those studio moments have video and sound: Barefoot in the Park.

Rosalía releases ‘Con Altura’ in collaboration with J Balvin & El Guincho

The new track also features the participation of Rosalía’s right-hand man, El Guincho, who has already helped the Spanish artist revolutionise her sound.

Rosalía excites us with “De Aquí No Sales”

Rosalía reappears with the new videoclip of her song “De aquí no salts” (Disputa) from her album “El mal querer”.

HIGHXTAR.awards. | Winners

2018 is coming to an end and as a consequence it is time to highlight those talents worthy of mention for their work throughout this year.

The revolutionary line-up of Primavera Sound 2019

Primavera Sound is betting on a more eclectic line-up than ever and with an outstanding female presence.

Rosalia drowns in her tears in Baghdad

Rosalía presented this Tuesday the video clip of the song Bagdad, a video in which she drowns in her tears – literal -.

Confirmed, Aleesha is here to stay

We met her with Outta Cntrl, she hooked us with Your Body and now with her latest work, All In – produced by D.clax -, has made us reaffirm our feelings.

‘Di mi nombre’ the latest from Rosalía… Before her album

Rosalía has just presented “Di mi nombre”, the last single before her long-awaited album in which she once again shows that she is an artist from head to toe.

Rosalia on the verge of ecstasy #patrioticpride

A few days ago Rosalía announced on one of the Times Square screens: the title, date and cover of her new album.

Levi’s Music Project x Rosalía

Levi’s has changed its format and spirit to the ‘forever young’ with more hype, injecting the music scene with a renewed product from the hand of Rosalía, the avant-garde singer -cantaora- of the year (once again).