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We analyse the awaited music video ‘Despechá’ by Rosalía

Rosalía’s long-awaited video ‘Despechá’ is here. In less than 24 hours it already has more than 3.7 million views on YouTube.

Rosalía releases ‘Despechá’, finally

After two weeks of begging and waiting for its arrival, Rosalía has finally released ‘Despechá’, the song of the summer.

Rosalía’s ‘Despechá’: how to make the hit of the summer without releasing it

Rosalía is always one step ahead and without having officially released “Despechá” she has managed to make it the song of the summer.

The accessory that has won over Rosalía and Dua Lipa

Butterflies are the star of this summer. This insect that comes in the form of an accessory has conquered Rosalía and Dua Lipa. 

This is what a day in the life of Rosalía looks like

Rosalía has used her TikTok account to share her daily routine and you will be surprised by all the things she has time to do…

How the “Motomami” aesthetic has revolutionized fashion

The Motomami trend, driven by Rosalia, has completely revolutionized fashion. Let’s talk about its transcendence.

Rosalía: star of the new Skims by Kim K campaign

Spanish singer Rosalia appears in the latest campaign for KIm K’s underwear brand, marking the first collaboration with SKIMS.

Rosalía releases the music video for “Delirio de grandeza”

Still not recovered from the boom generated by Motomami, Rosalía has decided to release the video clip of the song Delirio de grandeza. 

MOTOMAMI WORLD TOUR: We tell you all the details

Motomami World Tour is finally here after a very long time without being able to enjoy Rosalía on stage.

Alexa, turn on MOTOMAMI mode

MOTOMAMI, MOTOMAMI… You probably haven’t been able to get it out of your head. Don’t worry, Alexa didn’t either.

Pepa Salazar, the designer who created the looks for Motomami’s tik tok

Three days after the premiere of Motomami, we’re still looping absolutely every song. But it’s not the only thing we’re obsessed with…

“Motomami”: the album we’ve all been waiting for

Three years of waiting have been worth it. Rosalía has surprised and convinced, her album ‘Motomami’ is rounded and forceful.

Rosalía eclipses “Saturday Night Live” for a second time

The superstar Rosalía has appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to present her latest album ‘Motomami’.

Meet Natalia Fedner, the Ukrainian designer behind Rosalía’s sexiest dress

If you also love Rosalía’s look in La Fama, stay and meet Natalia Fedner, the designer behind the singer’s dress.

Rosalía’s track “Bizcochito” is leaked on Soundcloud

After releasing “Saoko” and “Chicken Teriyaki”, Rosalía’s third track “Bizcochito” has just been leaked on SoundCloud.

Rosalía releases “Chicken Teriyaki”, the new Motomami trailer

Rosalía releases a new single “Chicken Teriyaki”, the latest advance of her third album “MOTOMAMI”, the most awaited album of the artist.

Rosalía’s ‘Saoko’, perhaps the best beat of the genre in recent times

Rosalía launches the second preview of her third album ‘Motomami’, which will be released on March 18. Its time to reggaeton.

Rosalía has made her private Instagram profile public

Rosalía has decided to give us an early Christmas present and has opened her private Instagram profile @holamotomami.

Rosalía and Arca launch a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V online

The upcoming online version of Grand Theft Auto V will feature a new station starring Rosalia and Arca.

Latin women who are changing the music industry

Let’s talk about the new muses of Latin music, some of the most influential women on the contemporary music scene.

Rosalía’s new song with The Weeknd is here

The wait was worth it and “La Fama”, the first single from Rosalía’s new album “Moto Mami” with The Weeknd, is out.