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OGBFF: the viral ironic fashion sensation

The art of ironic fashion is a practice with which the brand OGBFF has caused fascination on the internet. Let’s talk about it.

Oval-lining’: TikTok’s trick for full lips

TikTok once again reveals a beauty trick called ‘Oval-lining’ to add volume to your lips without having to resort to fillers.

Goodbye to the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic, the Tumblr era is back

Fashion is a cycle and everything comes back, so the Tumblr era is here to stay (for a short time, I guess).

New TikTok beauty trend: Anti-mascara

Have you ever heard of the Anti-Mascara phenomenon? TikTok is full of videos following this new make-up trend.

CHRISTIANCORE, fashion as a religion

The “christiancore” trend and the boom of Christianity in fashion are building a new irreverent world revered by the new generations.

New TikTok trend: Reverse Hair Washing

TikTok is full of videos that follow this new trend based on applying conditioner or mask before shampooing. 

The new TikTok make-up trend: doe eyes

After discovering the tricks to get mermaid eyes, TikTok, the trend-setting platform is back with Doe eyes.

Here’s what brands need to consider to keep Gen Z’s attention

The key to success for fashion brands is to maintain the interest of Generation Z over a long period of time.

TikTok’s new trend: siren eyes

Siren eyes are TikTok’s latest viral “trick” that promises to seduce every sailor the way these mythological creatures did. 

TikTok includes adult content option

TikTok’s latest update includes the option for users to restrict their live streams to users over the age of 18.

New make-up trick on TikTok: the transparent eyeliner

We recently discovered on TikTok how to recreate Kate Moss’ cheekbones, now it’s trending #transparentyeliner with millions of views.

This is what a day in the life of Rosalía looks like

Rosalía has used her TikTok account to share her daily routine and you will be surprised by all the things she has time to do…

This TikTok trick will have you asleep in less than three minutes

In the last few days a video has gone viral on TikTok that reveals the secret to falling asleep in less than three minutes.

Is TikTok affecting the music industry?

Tiktok is the place where all the trends of the moment are being triggered, especially those related to music.

TikToker undergoes surgery to remove vibrator from her anus

@sophzaloafs has had to be admitted to hospital after a sex toy got stuck in her anus.

Whimsigothic: the new aesthetic trend of modern witchcraft

Wiccan culture goes viral on TikTok through the hastag #whimsigothic which has already bewitched more than ten thousand people.

Haters ruin Charli D’Amelio’s 18th birthday

After turning 18, Charli D’Amelio has been bullied on social media by thousands of users asking her to open OnlyFans.

Why is TikTok obsessed with Barbie Ferreira’s slim body?

Although Barbie Ferreira is loved for her body neutral message, images of her looking slimmer have caused a furore on TikTok.

TikTok’s new beauty trend: clean look

The new “clean look” is the new viral trend on TikTok and could be considered the continuation of the “make up no make up”.

Apple Airpods Max are already the new fashion obsession

Apple Airpods Max have become the new favorite fashion accessory thanks to Tiktok and style references like Bella Hadid.

What happened at Revolve Fest 2022?

Something similar to Fyre Fest happened at Revolve Fest. An event organised by the Revolve brand that turned out to be a failure.