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Can Zara and Shein defend circularity with their business model?

Zara and SHEIN are entering the resale market by championing “sustainable” issues without having changed their business model.

Has fashion become a privilege?

Fashion is now being affected by inflation and stratospheric price increases that make access to it a privilege.

Zara launches its second Halloween collection

Zara is once again launching a new collection for Halloween night with which you will be the diva of the night without the need to dress up.

Kaia Gerber launches a collection with ZARA

Zara surprises with a new creative union launching its first collection with a supermodel, Kaia Gerber.

The collision between fast fashion and independent design

Let’s talk about the new generation of collaborations between fast fashion brands and independent designers.

Zara Home Madrid opens its new shop for&from

Zara Home Madrid has opened a space in San Sebastián de los Reyes where a team of 14 people with different types of disabilities work.

Here’s what Zara does to support circularity

The Renewcell X Zara collection, made from the disruptive technology developed by the company, has just been released.

Fai Khadra stars in Zara’s latest campaign

In a new attempt to grab all the attention, Zara has chosen Fai Khadra as the star of its latest campaign.

Zara launches a capsule collection with Rhuigi Villaseñor

Zara has unveiled a collaboration with renowned Filipino-American designer, Rhuigi Villaseñor for this spring/summer 2022.

Zara collaborates with Khloé Kardashian to launch denim collection

Good American, the clothing brand founded by Khloé Kardashian, teams up with the Zara team to present a series of denim garments.

‘Lime Glam’ is Zara’s first stand-alone meta-collection

After launching its first virtual collection in collaboration with Ader Error, Zara is now back in the metaverse for a second time.

The Zara Megastore in Plaza de España will open its doors on 8 April

The world’s largest Zara (almost 8,000m2), located in Madrid’s emblematic Plaza de España, will open on 8 April. 

Zara launches 1920s-inspired bridal collection

Zara surprises us again with a collection for brides, with lingerie dresses and accessories that evoke the 1920s. 

Zara goes luxury and collaborates with designer Susan Fang

Although the Inditex group’s main brand has always resisted collaborations, it has just teamed up with Susan Fang for a capsule.

Fashion & the metaverse: the digital link that 2021 brought together forever

Let’s talk about how fashion has been crossing the boundaries of the digital universe, entering the metaverse throughout 2021.

Not all that glitters is luxury at Zara Atelier

About a week ago, Zara presented “Zara Atelier” through the capsule “01_The Coat Collection”. We decipher the sub-brand.


ADER ERROR and ZARA join forces to launch AZ Collection

ADER ERROR x ZARA reflects on the capacity of language to express ideas, give rise to other ways of thinking and create new cultures.

Will Daniel Lee end up at Zara as creative director?

Designer Daniel Lee, former creative director of Bottega Veneta, is at the centre of rumours of a possible move to Zara.

For the last minute, Zara launches Halloween costumes

Taking advantage of the spooky season, Zara launches a collection of six Halloween costumes for those of us who don’t have a costume yet.

Vanessa Perilman attacks Palestinian model Qaher Harhash on Instagram

Zara finds itself in the spotlight after its head designer, Vanessa Perilman, attacked Palestinian model Qaher Harhash.


Mexico accuses Zara of cultural appropriation

Mexico’s Ministry of Culture asks for explanations on the matter through a tweet and a letter signed by the head, Alejandra Frausto.