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In collaboration with international artists such as Ghetts, Ray BLK, the Safe Place collective and local artists such as Tanxugueiras and Rojuu, Reebok is preparing to bring back its Classic Leather collection. It does so through a campaign that inspires fans to pursue their dreams, express their thoughts and, ultimately, leave their mark on the world.


Yesterday, Reebok Europe launched “Always Classic”, a campaign featuring inspirational stories of change to motivate fans and consumers alike to be bold, aspirational and actively working to make a change in the world around them. The campaign features Reebok‘s iconic Classic Leather; a timeless and versatile silhouette that consumers will be seeing more of this spring/summer 2022 season.

A staple and iconic piece of Reebok‘s heritage, the Classic Leather made its first appearance in the fall of 1983. This acclaimed trainer, which has evolved over the decades, will expand its legacy this season with new colours and finishes. The new Classic Leather has been updated to be more versatile in design and comfort. Without a doubt, it’s a perfect model that goes with everything and everyone.

Continuing the brand’s global theme launched in February 2022, this campaign, featuring the new, more stylised version, explores the high-energy stories of artists and creators who chose to pursue their dreams and became who they were meant to be. This is reflected through a beautifully crafted film aesthetic, featuring some of these inspiring and determined talents, each with a unique story to share.


Plaistow, London. Rapper. Composer. Iconoclast. Plays by his own rules. Recognised as one of the most vital, talented and relevant artists to emerge from the UK, this Londoner combines sharp rhymes with crystal clear diction; a good dose of humour and creative wordplay. He defines himself not by genre, sound or beat, but by the path he has taken to become who he is today.


Catford, London. Singer. Composer. Actress. Born in Nigeria and raised in the UK. Uses her music to promote change and empower women. Known for her unfiltered lyrics and candid delivery, whether with or without a microphone, Ray BLK’s ability to tackle difficult issues is second to none. From addressing domestic violence to working with charities to speak to schools about consent. All after going public with his own experience of sexual assault.

Safe Place

Paris, France. Community. Support. Sorority. Safe Place is a testimonial space for those who want to speak freely and be heard. Through a supportive community that promotes self-acceptance as a woman and sonority, Safe Place aims to encourage people to speak out in order to break the law of silence that surrounds any kind of gender and sexual violence.

With the aim of landing the message of the campaign in Spain with local talents that represent the unique and timeless spirit that characterises Reebok; the brand has set its sights on two artists with a very different discourse but that connect 100% with the idea that a Classic Leather is a blank canvas through which to give free rein to creativity and personality. Classic and avant-garde coexist in the same space without limits.


Barcelona, Spain. Singer. Cartoonist. Puppeteer. Born in the creative world offered by Youtube, nowadays Roc explores feelings to create his own artistic universe. His sensitivity finds inspiration and refuge in manga codes. His music slips between different genres such as emo or trap with pop touches. He gives voice to a generation that is still searching for its place.


Galicia, Spain. Musicians and tambourine players. Empowered. They break frontiers. They gather the roots music and popular culture of their grandmothers to transform it and fuse it with current rhythms. Standard bearers of freedom, diversity and recognition of all identities. Pure energy and powerful lyrics.

“Always Classic” is a comprehensive campaign launching across Europe on digital, social and traditional media platforms to support the return of the iconic Classic Leather. It also tells the authentic stories of these dynamic talents, motivating fans and followers to pursue and strive for their aspirations.

Puedes conseguir los modelos actuales de Classic Leather haciendo click aquí.