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Thanks to the account of instagram @thats_so_csm – like spies – we entered the interior of Central Saint Martens to know in first person the most avant-garde looks that run through the corridors.


If there is a school in the world of fashion known and prestigious is Central Saint Martins of London – Stella McCartney, Hussein Chalayan, Paul Smith, John Galliano, or Alexander McQueen have been formed there.

Many and many fashion lovers wonder how would be the day to day at school and about the looks that can be seen inside. Now and thanks to the account of instagram @thats_so_csm – like spies – we can go inside such a respected place to know in first person the most avant-garde styles that run through the corridors.

“CSM is a special place, and I really want share that with the outside world, and de-mystify the institution.” says the account manager to Dazed and adds that he/she seeks to photograph things that are eccentric and require courage to be dressed. In the same interview he/she adds that “my biggest muse will always be Harrie Bradshaw (@harrie.bradshaw). He is sparkling, he has attitude and CSM was his runway. I am very devastated that he graduated this summer. Miss you, Harry!”

Although it may seem that the account is looking for a joke or a mockery, its owner says that it is a love letter to what CSM students offer to the world. “It’s a celebration of the people. The school is breathing creativity and exhaling it. The people I feature, they remind me every day of the magic that happens in our school. However, the account is also a reflection on our school and its detachedness from the real world. CSM is prestigious and an amazing place for all those crazy creative minds. At the same time, it is a circus bubble – we are used to it, but when you go and show the account to the banker next door, she will be very very confused.”

via: dazed