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Nicolas Di Felice surprises again with the proposal for the new Courrèges woman. This season, Courrèges goes beyond the sustainable message and makes a parade around an installation of crushed aluminum cans.

The designer perfectly captures the essence of the Courrèges of the 60s and gives it a twist for today’s woman. The metallic sheen of the cans on the floor becomes the nexus of the pieces in the collection.

Vinyl and metallic over-the-knee boots, long dresses and big earrings. Courrèges’ must-haves were also present. Di Felice has recovered in an outstanding way the vinyl jackets and leather pants, but also the miniskirt that helped the founder of the brand, André Courrèges, to acquire worldwide fame in the sixties. In contrast to these, oversized coats and puffy sleeves appear.

Caps take on great prominence, capable of accompanying everything from straight-cut and low-cut pants to evening maxi-dresses. Likewise, we see sunglasses covering the models’ faces.

If for the founder André Courrèges it was about making fashion for the streets, for Nicolas Di Felice it is precisely that, making clothes for the people. And he is succeeding because we would wear everything!

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