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Diesel’s new book “Diesel, Dream, Disruption, Deviation, Denim” takes us on a journey through the Italian brand’s four decades of evolution.


At the end of the 70’s, Renzo Rosso began what would be a revolution in the fashion system. His label  Diesel marked a before and after in the conception of denim, extending its legacy from Italy to all parts of the world. Now, 41 years later, the brand’s retrospective is embodied in the book “Diesel, Dream, Disruption, Deviation, Denim”.

Diesel was erected as an anti-establishment symbol, breaking the status quo with the rebellious personality that characterizes the brand. Denim became a mark of freedom and transgression of mainstream discourse, embodying a generational contrast.


The volume compiles the most iconic moments of Diesel and its founder, from the time he decided to play with his mother’s sewing machine with 15 until the birth of the empire. Between secondhand articles and classic jeans, the book marks a journey through the history of the brand including personal letters from Diesel employees and other reflections that make clear its concept and meaning in the industry.

“Diesel, Dream, Disruption, Deviation, Denim”, with 142 pages from the Diesel universe, is edited by Susie Lau and published by Rizzoli. It is now on sale in Diesel shops and online for €80, and will be available from 19 November at Rizzoli bookshops around the world.