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For SS21, SHOOP reflects on the needs that have arisen when choosing the clothes we wear. The collection is based on the contrast of functional garments combined with delicate garments that leave the skin exposed. The result is a suggestive proposal that puts the focus on the importance of responsible consumption for the fashion industry. 

SHOOP SS21 proposes a set of functional garments in nylon or durable technical fabrics such as denim, combined with delicate garments that leave the skin exposed, such as knitwear. In the graphic part SHOOP is inspired by the idea of community and hope with messages like “Faith, Hope, Love”. Thus, he has made these three actions the central theme of the season.

This season, SHOOP also highlights the importance of responsible consumption from the process of creating the brands to the final public. We consume too much, we buy and generate more and more despite the warnings given to us by the planet. In order to reduce this unnecessary and unsustainable consumption, SHOOP creates new garments through upcycling techniques or patchwork from its own stock of fabrics and providing a handcrafted and exclusive value.

This capsule consists of transformable garments with several layers, made of technical fabrics with organza and is composed of a parka, a hoodie, a tote-bag that becomes a cover-mask and a shirt that instead of a pocket carries a detachable mask.

The collection is closed by the collaboration with SDADIO -Sinichi Suda, ex-designer of FINALHOME, Issey Miyake group- under the concept of survival and beauty.

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