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Laura Wingrove created @beautybook1985 as a personal inspiration moodboard.


In Instagram, we are living is a current of fashion, beauty and style that evokes different decades creating a board as an inspiration. The eighties could not be absent, but most accounts are based on the basic references: pop icons of the time between which Madonna and Cyndi Lauper occupy almost all posts. Laura Wingrove decided to go further and dive among the books and style magazines that women consulted at that time to recover real trends and not only those that have survived so far.

After creating her own collection of originals, Wingrove began scanning, editing and publishing the images in an Instagram account he created expressly for it. This is how @beautybook1985 – FOLLOW was born, recovering hairstyles and makeup that women who did not go on television or sing about scenarios used at that time.

The account is a visual jewel that combines kitsch trends and quirky looks with others that could easily seem an editorial with vintage aesthetics of this year. Gold earrings and pastel eye shadows are combined in faces of unknown models of lost catalogs of the pre-Internet era. “Prepare your Aquanet and heat up those crimpers”, says her bio. “We’re giving you beauty advice like it’s 1985!