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If you’re a fan of rapper Kanye West’s collaborations with adidas, you’re in luck. It looks like the two will continue to work hand in hand for many more years to come and, at the end of 2021, they will release the new Yeezy 450 “resin” model, according to the Yeezy Mafia website.

The rapper’s new design will feature a unique silhouette with a sock-like sock part made from the brand’s most famous fabric, primeknit, which ends in a claw-like outsole made of organic material.

All this in a monochromatic range similar to the colour of resin or bone white. The brand’s logo will appear, as far as can be seen in the first images, only on the bottom of the sole.

For the moment, the pair will be priced at 200 dollars, just like the rapper’s previous models. Are you going to miss out?

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