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In a futuristic scenario of holograms rendered in 3D, Marcelo Burlon presented his menswear SS2020 collection: a new urban paradigm in which technofolk merges with underground cycling and burns the Milan’s catwalk.

Marcelo Burlon SS20

Burlon introduces this new proposal in a bubble of iconographic elements that come from totally different worlds and references, but that perfectly cohere in the same balanced concept. Its own symbolism, which celebrates diversity, illuminates this urban adventure where technical garments embrace folklore and urban cycling enhances the sublime aesthetics.

Patches and jacquard are inserted into the techno garments and become timeless pieces. The tailoring is transformed into technical silhouettes designed for the 4.0 mannequin of the current era, into looks combined with cycling trousers or T-shirts, as well as bucket hats inspired hip-hop.

Utilitarianism also acquires relevance in the collection of M.B County of Milan, manifested in garments such as bombers or belt bags with multiple pockets, while the tie-dye soaks color and vibration in the denim version of the delivery. In this disparate universe, there are also prints such as the Easy Rider film, as well as the neon tones that have just culminated the composition. All this is marked by a confection that mixes fabrics ranging from cotton to vinyl or iridescent nylon.

If we focus on the accessories, beyond the fanny packs in different formats, we find padlock necklaces, key rings hanging from the pants and surreal glasses signed by Linda Farrow.

Marcelo Burlon injects into the streetwear scene a functional proposal of daily survival, through exciting urban garments for life in *speed mood* that we’ve had to live.

Marcelo Burlon SS20