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Who said lifting weights couldn’t become a luxury activity? Justin Reed has just shared detailed images of Chrome Hearts’ Rogue weight bench that disproves this theory.


Justin Reed is an expert selection of art, clothing and accessories with a focus on rare collaborations and limited editions, as well as exceptional vintage pieces. Now, via his official Instagram account, he shares a series of detailed images of Chrome Hearts‘ luxurious Rogue weight bench.

The item was part of the ‘Heavyweights’ collection that the Hollywood-based brand launched with gym-inspired products in 2019. The delivery consisted of a punching bag, jump rope, medicine ball, dumbbells, duffel bag, boxing dressing gown and shorts.

The Rogue Fitness AB-2 adjustable bench is custom upholstered and features two cushions, back and seat cushions. Both feature an eye-catching black leather Maltese cross design; luxury piping and silver inlays with the Chrome Hearts logo.