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Vetements is back to present us with something, but this something we’re talking about has nothing to do with a collection or anything to do with fashion, quite the opposite. What does it have to do with? With fast food. Yes, what you read, Vetements is going back to fast food with his second burger, after presenting and successfully launching the first one earlier this year. This new burger has been christened “Vetements Burger 2.0 Next Level Edition”.

This “2.0 Next Level Edition” will not be made of meat and will be vegan, which will be accompanied by a McDonalds-style secret sauce, french fries and a drink. It will also be wrapped in neon-coloured packaging dominated by the brand’s logo.

Vetements‘ second burger has already been launched at Moscow’s KM20 earlier this month and international expansion is planned to begin imminently, with North Korea as the first destination.

What do you think of this new Vetements burger, and would you like to try it?