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Emerging jewellery designer Steff Eleoff has designed a new piece made from 100% sterling silver. It is the Drip bracelet, available only through her online shop.


The self-taught designer‘s fascination with organic forms found in nature, as well as contemporary design and architecture, is encapsulated in the versatility of the Drip Bangle and its three iterations: the Small Drip Bangle, the Medium Drip Bangle and the Large Drip Bangle.

To accompany this special launch, Steff Eleoff teamed up with Los Angeles photographer Angella Choe, hairstylist Josh Liu, stylist Kendy Finzer, makeup artist Jenny Ventura and model Tonoia. They all pooled their talents to bring to life an exclusive editorial featuring the handsome Drip Bangle.

Take a look at the gallery below to see all the details:


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