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As Fall returns more chill than ever, GCDS unveils the FW21-22 campaign. Shot by Jack Bridgland in London, the brand’s FW22 range is an eye pleasing ensemble, starring ones-to-watch Cup Kase, Lucas Wright and Cynthia Arrebola. Vibrating tanks, baggy denim, oversized footwear and dreamy maximalism: icy pinks and blues, “big carrot energy” hoodies and soft Alcantara suits and tracksuits.

With the GCDS name you know, and the fresh, frenetic, fun cartoons you love, the Fall/Winter 2022 collection is all about vice and scape. On this trip, the global GCDS community will astral-project to a crossover all-stars event where the pop cartoonish side lives in symbiotic harmony with the Made in Italy heritage, and faux-fur clogs coexist with Icon-woven Italian knitwear threaded throughout.

On the main stage this season: the iconic Moon Boot, remixed with lush faux-shearling and featuring a Hello Kitty collab. Across women’s and men’s apparel, the brand has proudly collaborated with Alcantara S.p.A. -the Italian Company globally producing and marketing the Carbon Neutral and lightweight material lending a notable luxury and soft feeling to tracksuits and suits. Seasonal must-haves include huge “GCDS” drop earrings, a unique embellished body corset dress completely made of stones, while furry handbags and hats show off your softer edge.

As a FW22 treat, GCDS brought along some of the most recognizable characters in the world from the Looney Tunes crew -like a larger-than-life rock Tweety maxi tee, plus detailed sketches of Porky and Daffy splashed on a wide-leg men’s denim jeans.

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