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The Japanese fashion brand founded by designer Rei Kawakubo, Comme Des Garçons, has just unveiled its latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection from the Homme Plus line. Dubbed by many as the brand that transforms fashion into art, CDG has done just that with its latest offering.

Avant-garde and always one step ahead of the rest, this latest CDG Homme Plus collection is characterised above all by its deconstructed and asymmetrical pieces. Called “The Existence of Flowers”, the collection illustrates how flowers can be multidimensional and that they exist not only for happy moments, but also for painful ones.Among the pieces in the collection we have to highlight without a doubt its trench coats and blazers cut in half and combined with long fabrics with floral prints.

On the other hand and to give a more serious or formal touch, the suits were combined with a series of floral prints in white, black and dark blue, and complemented with black leather outerwear. A special mention must also be made of the prints on the back of some of the garments, which were designed by artist Travis Bedel, known for his anatomical collage work that links bones and organs with flowers. Lastly, and with respect to the footwear, this did not go unnoticed at the show, as was to be expected, and we were able to see how the models wore two of the future collaborations. One with John Moore and George Cox designing their “Toestrap” boot and the second with Nike, redesigning the silhouette of their mythical “Air Max”.

Check out the gallery to see the latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection from Comme des garçons. It will be released later this year.