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Poster Girl’s debut at London Fashion Week made us realize how we missed a dance floor during a seemingly eternal pandemic. The 80’s are back in a contrast of colors between neons and earth tones.

Poster Girl designers Francesca Capper and Natasha Somerville, who studied at Central Saint Martins, landed at LFW with a bang. Their first fashion show has been marked by the strength of the models stepping on the catwalk to the rhythm of techno in a dusty industrial building. Quite a fantasy.

In the proposal have highlighted the leggings with openings combined with faux fur coats, down jackets and a more sophisticated camel coat. We have also seen different versions of the iconic dress of the brand, which, like Kylie, so many celebrities revere. There was even a ski suit, accessorized with hot pink high-heeled sandals.

This Poster Girl debut is a demonstration that, despite its affordable price point, the brand can live up to a London RTW runway where freshness and creativity rule.

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