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The figure of Travis Scott x McDonald’s is on sale for more than 15,000€.

Travis Scott x McDonald´s

His Air Jordan 1 2019 collaboration, for example, is now priced at over 1000€ in resale. The latest development related to the artist is his own action figure in collaboration with fast food giant McDonald’s.

The figure shows the artist from Houston, Texas, holding his favorite menu “quarter pounder” on a tray and wearing Air Jordan 1 mocha brown sneakers.

The toy is limited to only fifteen units and has been raffled off by McDonald’s on Twitter. As expected, the handmade figure of Travis has been included where everything with a big hype ends, you know, StockX. The selling price… Nah!, a misery: more than 15000 euros. That’s more than it’s worth to go home in a new car.