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Zara finds itself in the spotlight after its head designer Vanessa Perilman attacked Palestinian model Qaher Harhash on Instagram.

Vanessa Perilman Qaher Harhash

In the middle of an armed conflict in which Israel is trying to invade the Palestinian territory, Vanessa Perilman sends hate messages to Qaher Harhash. The reason? Her dissatisfaction with the pro-Palestinian attitude of the model who criticized the Israeli attitude to defend his nation. After a rather awkward exchange of messages and their subsequent publication on social networks, Twitter users confronted the Inditex giant for its lack of involvement in the matter.


Perilman said, “I will NEVER stop defending Israel” and mentioned that Harhash posted “bullshit media circuses” among other comments.

Following the booing and the barrage of criticism, Vanessa confessed that she felt “terrible and very bad” in a Twitter thread. “This is not who I am,” she wrote. “I’m so sorry, I really hope you can forgive me.”

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