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Vans is moving forward in its journey towards sustainable footwear with the new UltraRange™ VR3. Every little gesture matters, which is why the brand has decided to reinvent this silhouette with sustainability in mind. Because it’s not just about getting to the destination, it’s about how you get there.

Committed to reducing its impact on the planet for future generations, Vans reinforces its sustainability goals with the UltraRange™ VR3, which follows the brand’s strict new material guidelines. This is achieved by combining both recycled and regenerative elements from responsible renewable sources. The percentage of these materials is at least 30% of the materials used in each item.

As part of this creative journey, Vans has joined forces with surfboard designer Pepe Rivas. To what end? To understand his approach to using recycled materials such as foam shreds from the initial surfboard creation process.

Pepe and Vans, rethinking the materials, the process and the overall impact involved in the creation process, share the common goal of reinventing the product’s lifespan.

The redesigned and rebuilt UltraRange™ VR3 features an EcoCush™ midsole with at least 50% bio-based EVA foam from plant-based sources. The soles of this model feature the new EcoWaffle™ rubber compound, which is made from responsibly mined natural rubber (rather than petroleum-derived synthetic rubber) and is sourced from farms with proven sustainable practices that minimise impact on the planet. In addition, the compound is designed to maintain the grip and durability that Vans soles are known for.

The one-piece knitted uppers are made from a blend of 50% organic cotton, 36% recycled PET and 14% recycled nylon. In addition, they are designed to reduce the waste associated with production compared to traditional Vans blades; and include leather that is sourced from a tannery with a gold or silver rating from the Leather Working Group for its environmentally responsible practices.

Available this season in two colour palettes (chive and cobblestone), the UltraRange™ VR3 maintains the versatility and comfort of the UltraRange™ while taking a more responsible approach.


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