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Lovers of Medusa are a little happier today. Versace has announced that it will launch a contemporary version of its iconic Biggie Frame, inspired by B.I.G. himself who in addition to sharp lyrical fluidity also possessed the ability to create fashion and trend.

Biggie - Versace

The new model has a slightly updated front shape but does not lose any of the essence of the OG. With its unmistakable wide and the large medallions of Medusa in gold metal the glasses take us directly to the end of the 80s.

Versace | Biggie Frames

Con un precio de venta al público de $295 USD, estos nuevos Versace Biggie Frames se distribuirán exclusivamente a través de Barney’s y estarán disponibles en la tienda, así como en su tienda online a partir de mañana 8 de octubre y lo harán solo durante un mes.

With a retail price of $295 USD, these new Versace Biggie Frames will be distributed exclusively through Barney‘s and will be available at the store, as well as at their online shop starting tomorrow, October 8, for only one month.