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Vetements has presented its proposal for next season at the Paul Bert market. Demna has opted for an aggressive, relevant and extremely random collection. Through a mix of prints, vintage aesthetic garments, the inherent oversize and a rather rebellious disorder, Vetements, once again managed to make us want to belong to his gang.

Vetements FW18

The brand of the impossible has once again shown us that it is capable of raising tensions to levels never seen before in a parade, with the ability to lower them just before crossing the line. It is in this game of extremes where Demna feels comfortable and where they produce us that sensation of constant love-hate.

Vetements FW18

The collection hasn’t been a big surprise, nor did we expect it. However, we are already impatient to see an evolution in the brand and each new presentation we welcome it with a desire for change that, for now, does not arrive.

For now we have to continue with the established line until the next presentation, which we hope will be that of the change or at least of the evolution of the brand (@vetements_official).