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The Instapump Fury of Vetements x Reebok combine the characteristic aesthetics of both brands.

Fury x Vetements

Once again, Vetements and Reebok have joined forces to create a new Instapump Fury, the iconic sneakers that represent the union of two firms whose collaboration was already a success last year. This time, the sneakers have a silhouette with exaggerated volumes in white color with details in pink and gray.

The key to its aesthetics lies in an urban appearance, with scribbles that seem hand-made throughout the shoe. A gray and silver button on the right tongue taband a white and pink button on the left give the final touch to the creation. Vetements once again shows its love for extravagances, exaggerated silhouettes and extreme logos, a style that has found its perfect union with the Reebok sports key.

Vetements x Reebok Fury

Instapump Fury are now available from the usual retailers.

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