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Vetements’ latest collection for the spring/summer 2022 season rescues the existentialist debate proposed by Matrix at the time.

The Gvasalia brothers materialize the existential questions that torment us in a pandemic era through new designs. Faced with the fear of living in a dystopian present, doubts arise: Does everything we see exist? Are we still human? Are we slaves of the Internet?

For the manufacture of the new items, the Swiss brand has used 3D molding technology and deconstructed tailoring has been studied. In this way, fully convertible looks have been created that allow for their own reinterpretation. In addition, all fabrics are composed of completely sustainable materials.

Among the most notable garments are those incorporating eye-catching fire, floral, wireframe, doodle and technology prints. Of particular importance is also the graphic that confirms that the devil does NOT wear Prada.

You can enjoy all the details of the new Vetements collection by scrolling through the gallery:

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