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Victoria launches its first menswear brand under the slogan “inspired by our history”, a nod to its models from the 1980s.

In 1985, the year that gives Victoria‘s new brand its name, the curved two-tone V signature was registered with the aim of bringing greater dynamism to its designs. Forty years later, Victoria pays tribute to it with a collection of retro sneakers inspired by its own history.

LEGGERA, SIMPLE RUN and C80 make up the family of a collection that straddles current trends, the brand‘s heritage and its roots.

With an atlheisure design, this brand is aimed at men who are looking for comfort and trend in the same shoe. All models include a memory foam insole that adapts to the shape of each foot with use, offering a greater sensation of comfort in the tread.

As a tribute to its history, the new Victoria 1985 collection will have its own very special packaging. The boxes of the trainers, besides being recycled and recycled, hide a secret and it is the industrial property registration of the first trainer with the distinctive sign of the V with a curved shape dated May 10, 1985. From La Rioja they open their archive to rescue a historical piece.

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