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This Monday the long-awaited MET Gala 2019 was held. It’s one of the most expected events in the fashion world where big celebrities choose looks according to a concept that changes every year. The theme of the looks for this edition has been “camp“, a term used to define that extravagant and artificial fashion with origins in queer and gay culture. On the night of the MET gala there are no rules; any eccentricity is assumed as part of the game and, therefore, applauded. And between crazy outfits and eye-catching costumes, this year the focus has turned out to be the simplicity of two attendees: Kanye West and Frank Ocean.

Faced with an extravagant atmosphere, the looks of Frank Ocean and Kanye West have been talked about for their simplicity and subtlety.

The rappers came to the event with two black and sober suits, without any stridency. Frank Ocean opted for a white shirt and black tie under a Prada anorak, with black pants and boots. Kanye West also broke patterns with an even more minimalist total black outfit: Dickies black jacket and pants and Yeezy boots. The press classified them as boring and the audience of the event criticized via Twitter the lack of effort of the two singers, who apparently camouflaged themselves among the security team of the gala.

However, if we dive a little more into the term “camp” it seems that Kanye West and Frank Ocean were not so off-track. The concept has its origin in a 1964 essay by writer Susan Sontag, where at one point in the text she states that “camp” is the attempt to do something extraordinary, not just in the sense of effort, but in the sense of being special, glamorous. So, considering the origin of the term, it seems that Frank and Kanye were not so misguided in the dresscode. Is there anything more extraordinary than silence in a noisy environment?

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