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The British footwear brand par excellence, Dr. Martens, has managed to position itself worldwide as one of the most recognised brands. Not only for its quality, but also for its timeless designs and its originality when it comes to renewing itself. Today, at HIGHXTAR, we take a look at their most outstanding designs.

Internationally recognised in a matter of seconds, Dr. Martens continues to lead the footwear industry when it comes to boots and shoes. If there is one thing that characterises them and sets them apart from other brands, it is their ability to adapt to all kinds of styles. In the beginning, they were born with the aim of accompanying workers, policemen and postmen. However, during the 60s, they became a cultural icon for participating in a decade of social change.

It was the multicultural, ska-loving skinheads who positioned the 1460 as a hallmark of their identity. In the decades that followed, the 1461 boot was a fierce symbol of self-expression at the heart of the youth culture and music scene of the time. Prestigious rock and punk bands such as the Sex Pistols and The Clash joined the trend of wearing their pair of DM’s, making the brand synonymous with rebellion.

Dr. Martens is a brand that began in the industry designing work boots and, over time, has managed to transform itself into one of the most relevant cultural brands of the modern era. Not only on a stylistic and practical level, but also on an emotional level. It is a symbol of attitude, rebellion and empowerment.

Today, thanks to the wide variety of silhouettes designed, the brand has managed to adapt to the needs of a very heterogeneous public. From common elements that serve as a common thread (cushioning thanks to an air chamber implemented in the sole; yellow embroidery finishing touch or its characteristic resistant and durable leather), the different models that we will analyse below emerge:


The sturdy Dr. Martens 1460 boot is one of the most recognisable silhouettes in the world. Since its birth, the model has become a favourite of different cultures and collectives without losing the essence that makes it unmistakable. Through numerous collaborations and re-designs, they have expanded their catalogue to include a huge collection. A boot that never goes out of fashion, that embodies with the purest authenticity the original workwear imaginary and that can boast of a quality and workmanship that guarantee its years of history.



The 1461 is the shoe version of the 1460 boot. Following the same careful aesthetic as the boot, the three-eyelet silhouette has become the favourite footwear of many generations. We have seen celebrities such as Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid wearing the best outfits with the 1461. Their comfort, elegance and adaptability make this silhouette the ideal footwear for all kinds of looks.


Popularly known as Dr. Martens Chelsea boots, the 2970 model is characterised by its more minimalist and less grunge aesthetic than the 1460. Even easier to mix and match – if that’s possible – they retain the brand’s distinctive features such as the yellow thread and the classic round toe. Thanks to the rubber inserts on the shaft of the boot, the same adaptability as the other versions is guaranteed.

All models are available in vegan leather versions. Dr. Martens has managed to focus on a much more conscious and environmentally friendly production process through the use of recycled and natural materials. In this way, they aim to reduce their impact on the ecosystem and offer more sustainable alternatives.

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