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The works of Coco Capitan (@cococapitan) speak for themselves. Her work transmits the qualities of an author committed to the most elegant savoir faire. The painter and photographer considers that it has been her strict working methodology that has helped her consolidate her artistic ethos. Thus, she has become one of the most relevant personalities of the artistic scene capable of manifesting herself through different creative expressions.

Coco Capitán

A new kind of freedom – Coco Capitán

We talked to her to learn more about her work and her perception of art.

Highxtar (H) – “I draw with words” What references have helped to consolidate your artistic ethos?

Coco Capitán (CC)My strict work methodology and trying to keep constant and optimistic.

(H) – Do you think that Spanish influences in general and Andalusian culture in particular are immersed in your work?

(CC)I’m happy to be Andalusian and it is a pride I take everywhere with me, but I don’t think that works of art necessarily have a nationality or speak for a nationality.

Coco Capitán

“If you´ve seen it all

(H) – Understood from the perspective of social networks and new technologies, what future do you see for art?

(CC)While social media is definitely helpful to share your work, I don’t think it should replace in any way the possibility of seeing works in reality. Pictures are always a reproduction of reality so while it can complement the understanding of an artwork, it shouldn’t replace the experience of perceiving it in real life.

(H) – Do you believe in love?

(CC)You could say so…

(H) – A few years ago you presented an exhibition at the Daelim Museum in Seoul under the name: “Is it tomorrow yet? Thus, it has become one of your slogans. Now I ask you, are you afflicted by the present? Are you excited by uncertainty and the future?

(CC)I don’t live my life being as in the present as I think I should. My mind is always left somewhere between the past and the future.

(H) – “If you’ve seen it all. Close your eyes” What do you see now?

(CC)It is almost 1pm, so I’m seeing lunch.

(H) – Can you express your greatest fear?

(CC)Cliché but, to die without truly living.

Coco Capitán

Daelim Museum, Is it tomorrow yet? – Coco Capitán

(H) – Recently, you have starred in the campaign of the third team of FC Barcelona. What is it like to become the global image of one of the most relevant teams in the national and international scene? What repercussions will this association have worldwide?

(CC)It is a great honour and I feel very proud to represent such a great team that has done so much for women’s football.

(H) – Would you like to work on a different project that differs from what you have done so far?

(CC)I think that’s what I try to do all the time, I love trying new things.

(H) – Finally, tell us, how is the day to day life of Coco Capitan?

(CC) – I just work and work and try to make a difference every day for myself and those around me.