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Virgen María (@imvirgenmaria) is an aesthetic quake. The artist is a compendium of disciplines that have permeated the avant-garde scene on an international scale.

Censored on several occasions in Instagram, her background has been tinged by the polemic involved in her nudes. But under transgression, says María, there is purity, spiritualism and freedom. Japanese aesthetics, rave culture and mysticism are some of the conceptual loads that guide her projects. We spoke to her on the occasion of the release of YOGA and G.O.D about three identifying pillars: music, art and transgression.

H.- What does G.O.D have that YOGA doesn’t?

Virgen María (VM)G.O.D is an EP and YOGA is a song.

H.- What does the song entail?

VM – Yoga is a song that dictates the breaths in a yoga practice. It is a BSO for yogis.

H.- How is your relationship with God?

VM – It is constant, God is everything and everyone. I feel part of the whole.

H.- Does your music have a concrete purpose?

VM – G.O.D stands for “Good Opening Drug”. EP is a drug that alters your consciousness in a healthy way.

H.- What emotion or sensation do you want to cause?

VM – Connection with God and open sexuality.

H.- What are the main influences on your music?

VM – Musically hardcore/hardstyle and reggaeton/trap. Everything else I base myself on is spiritual/intellectual concepts.

H.- What differentiates your music from the rest?

VM – The mixture of opposing musical currents and the message.

H.- What is that personal identity?

VM – The identity is to enlighten people, to open doors that are still closed to them.

H.- The influence of Japanese aesthetics is evident in your work. What attracts you to it?
VM – Cleanliness, perfection, concept, sexuality and innocence.

H.- Which are your other referents?

VM – Aesthetically I love long hair as it is worn in tribes or spiritual communes, in the foundation theme. The nude is an eternal referent with no expiration date.

H.- How do you see the artistic panorama of Spain in the field of live art and performance with respect to other countries?

VM – Spain has many people creating from the heart. I think that right now we are the eye of the hurricane compared to the rest of the world.

H.- And the mentality? From where and from whom do more critics come?

VM – I receive criticisms only in social media, in person everyone understands me.

H.- To what extreme is the nude a breakaway today?

VM –To the point that I don’t know anyone else but naked pinche on a large scale.

H.- To what extent does the strength of your artistic performances lie in the naked factor?

VM – It’s just as important a part as all the others. It is generosity to show myself naked before you, pure and without lies. It’s a gift that symbolizes the freedom I want to give to the whole world.

H.- Do you think that the purely sexual nude, without artistic pretensions, should be censurable in networks like Instagram?

VM – No. Sex is not bad. It is violence and it is in Instagram everywhere.

María Forque - Virgen María

H.- In some of your works you use your naked body as an instrument of anti-patriarchal protest, but patterns, postures or aesthetics typical of the most sexualized image of women are repeated. Isn’t this somewhat contradictory?

VM –I have never said to use the nude as an anti-patriarchal protest. I show myself naked because I was born naked, it’s our natural clothing. It’s being free, that’s why I’m naked. Not only do I represent Freedom through nudity, but also through sex, that’s why I use sexually inciting images, sex connects you with other human beings and creates life. Long live sexuality! 

H.- To what extent have you managed to get rid of the sequels that women suffer from experiences of objtification, harassment, etc?

VM – I don’t know, but I’ve become quite detached. Nobody intimidates me whether I am a man or a woman because I know what I have to do.

H.- What facet of María Forqué do we not see in the nets?

VM –All my private life.

H.- What awaits you this year?

VM – Miracles.

H.- Projects in mind for the future?

VM – Music, visual art and festivals.