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One more season, Botter continues to raise awareness about Mother Nature. This time, it has been with its “Plastic Sea”. Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter have recreated their hymn to the sea, proposing fresh closet solutions with which to really get closer to true sustainability.

The journey under the sea has begun with edible water bubbles made from algae and plants. To make this kind of appetizer, the brand has partnered with Notpla, a company that fights against plastic packaging. If throughout the history of Fashion Week things have been seen in the proposals of different designers, rest assured that something like this has never been thought of.

Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter have pulled out all their guns to make us see that water is no longer a scarce commodity in remote parts of the globe, but that the issue is becoming alarming worldwide. The viral moment of the catwalk? Moment when models’ hands swam in small aquariums, submerged in XXL condoms filled with water. We’ve also seen backpacks and bags made of ice, literally; as ephemeral as the current state of our seas. Sneakers have also included the element of water. The collaboration with adidas appeared embedded in transparent outsoles, giving the impression that the models were walking on water.

Research and experimentation has not been limited to accessories. All the work carried out by the designers has resulted in a new and sustainable material made entirely of seaweed, which has taken shape in tight-fitting dresses with underwater prints and diving covers.

Lisi and Rushemy know well that without action there is no change, and that is something they carry by flag in all their proposals. The new season of Botter, dedicated to the sea, could not be less. And is that finding new solutions diving a little more than what is normally expected of each of us, is the key to progress and sustainability. Now it’s our turn.