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The fashion brand Vetements is one of the masters when it comes to generating hype and revolutionising the sector, and this strategy seems to be working and has worked very well for them, as with their latest “secret project” that is precisely what they have achieved. What is this latest secret project of the brand about? Read more…

It won’t take much longer to tell you, this “secret project” by Vetements is nothing less than the launch and creation of a new brand, as announced by its communications department in a press release. Heavy, right? How do you feel about it?

Presented in video format and with a duration of 53 seconds, Vetements has already set a date for this launch and it seems that it is going to be quite soon, as we can see, this date will be the 22nd of next July. This new brand in question will be aimed at both sexes and will be mainly made up of tailored garments in sartorial style and traditional men’s clothing. In addition, as we have been able to learn from their press release, it seems that this new brand will not have any logo, but it will be recognisable. Why? Will the designs be so characteristic?

Finally, it should be noted that the Gvasalia Foundation is initiating a new experimental laboratory, which concerns a multidimensional platform for young talents where they will be provided with mentoring and financial support. Let the countdown begin. There’s less time to find out what Vetements’ “secret project” will be like.