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Behind the apparent design of a graphic t-shirt lies a different concept and experience. Generated through a visual identity of small elements and details, WHYLOUT transports us to a unique, personalized and lasting experience.

This is WHYLOUT‘s proposal. “Something different, something more” is the motto of this new Spanish streetwear brand that has imagined a concept of genderless pieces that stand out for their graphic elements. These are the protagonists of a whole virtual and hybrid experience that immerses the end user in the new trend of digital fashion; while presenting a product of high quality.

Having recently presented its annual ART CONCEPT collection, which belongs to a larger collection called PANTEONE and which is presented in four years in a simile of four pillars that support a temple; the brand now highlights one of its models –AWARD– under a concept that they capture in a graphic of a hand forcefully squeezing an apple; a metaphor of the juice of victory and the eternal fame of an athlete who manages to reach the finish line and crown himself a winner.

A story that the company has captured in a series of careful elements that surround the garment; graphic motifs on the back, QR codes included in the packaging and on the garment’s label… This allows you to access a responsive virtual experience and discover in a new way the story hidden in the apparent simplicity of the genderless T-shirt.

AWARD‘s simplicity is also reflected in its campaign with a clean and focused image. The aim is to convey the winning attitude evoked by the color range of the T-shirt, its graphics and its history. The model, with a provocative and defiant attitude, becomes the personification of eternal and unattainable fame.

Thus, AWARD adds another unique user experience to WHYLOUT‘s storytelling imagery. It achieves this through a garment that blends urban style with superior quality.

Discover PANTEONE on the WHYLOUT website.