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Wikipedia will have a major redesign of its website for the first time in a decade. The non-profit organization was launched almost 20 years ago and has become a comprehensive encyclopedia-based information platform, responsible for more than 50 million articles in over 300 languages.

In announcing the site updates, project director Olga Vasileva noted that “although Wikipedia content has grown rapidly, our interface has not kept pace. Vasileva added, “the design of the Wikipedia desktop has not seen any substantive changes in the last 10 years, leaving certain elements of navigation useless in its site”.

The platform will add a sidebar folding function, which will condense the left and right margins of the page – this will change the position of the main search box. In addition, the Wikipedia logo will be reduced, while the “table of contents” will be repositioned at the top.

It is expected that all updates will take place gradually over the course of 2021 – you still have to confirm whether the same changes will be applied to mobiles.