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It had been too long since Kanye West had been quiet, but as expected he is back in the media. The singer has demanded a hamburger restaurant to change its name and logo. But what is the reason?

“College Dropout Burgers”, founded by Ye‘s fan Mark Elkhouri, received news of legal action from the artist if the restaurant did not change its name and logo. And it is inspired by the American singer’s debut album, The College Dropout.

In addition, the restaurant uses a Graduation bear logo for branding, plus the menu features the “Golddigger” fried chicken sandwich, the “Good Morning” breakfast sandwich and the “Cheezus” burger, names of some of his songs.

From the Instagram account @collegedropoutburgers, where he has more than 9,000 followers, Mark discovered that his stories had been seen by Ye. So excited was he that he made a post to show his audience the screenshots. But it didn’t all have a happy ending.

How will this conflict between Kanye West and his fan Mark Elkhouri end?