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Foreverist is the skincare brand specialising in tattoos founded by Robert Boyle. Its mission? To simplify the tattoo care process, which often leads to complications.


Owner of Nice Tattoo Parlor (Brooklyn), Boyle is an expert in the world of tattooing. After many years in the business, he realised that every customer has the same questions about post-tattoo skin care. There was really “no skin care brand that they could trust all the time,” he says.

That’s when Foreverist was born, a set of three products that ensure maximum protection and care for the tattoo. The Healing Cream, formulated with moisturising hyaluronic acid, helps start the healing process. Moisturising Cream and Brightening Day Protection complete the routine, maintaining the condition of the ink as it was on the first day. They also help protect the skin from the sun thanks to Arctic birch bark extract.

“A freshly done tattoo needs to be protected but it also needs to breathe. The skin needs to be moisturised but not to the point of oversaturation,” explains Boyle.

Forevist is designed for tattooed people. However, it is also suitable for all skin types. Skincare routine legends, you know.