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Youswim, the British swimwear brand, offers for this season a split of its garments. The new collection is full of versatile pieces for both going to the pool and being at home.


For this new season, Youswim bets on pieces with dual personality as the Verbe; a fantastic top that can be used for the beach, for the countryside, to be at home or to go for a walk. In this way, we have designed swimwear that becomes loungewear.

Thus we find the different shades “Ink” “Fern” “Sand” or “Umber” in designs such as one-piece or two-piece swimsuits, shorts or the aforementioned Verbe top.

“Siempre supimos que Youswim podía adaptarse a tu cuerpo cambiante, pero en el último año, nuestra comunidad nos ha demostrado que también puede adaptarse a tu vida constante”, dice Elise Wallbank, cofundadora de la marca británica.

Youswim‘s new designs for SS21 are now available at the brand’s online store.

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