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We’ve listened it like ten times in the last few days… and yes, we’re sure, Yung Beef has just shaken the foundations of our country’s trap/reggaeton with his new work.

Yung Beef | A.D.R.O.M.I.C.F.M.S. 4

Yung Beef | A.D.R.O.M.I.C.F.M.S. 4

After the great success of “Me perdí en Madrid” we already assumed that the mixtape would not disappoint and is that A.D.R.O.M.I.C.F.M.S. 4 comes close to perfection in terms of history, concept and consolidates a Fernando Gálvez more technical, clean and dark.

17 songs that take us by mentions to Balenciaga, Valentino or a tribute to the singer Rosalía that the granadino applies with a style sometimes danceable and sometimes with a certain hypnotic point. Brodinski, DP Beats, 808 Mafia or Steve Lean have worked on the album, which shows us that Fernandito had very clear intentions: to consolidate his style.

A.D.R.O.M.I.C.F.M.S. 4  brings out the best from one of our emerging artists with the most talent and personality. Here is the complete mixtape that is now available through Spotify. This publication is accompanied by a tour that will begin in Madrid next Saturday, February 8.


1.- Intro (Prod. Steve Lean)
2.- Daniela Bregoli (Prod. Steve Lean)
3.- Me perdí en Madrid (Prod. Lowlight)
4.- Infierno (Prod. KiidFavela x Yampi)
5.- Rosalia (Prod. Steve Lean)
6.- Tu no princesa (Prod. Lowlight)
7.- Brazy  (Prod. Los Del Control)
8.- Cryin for a pxxr love 3 (Prod. Tre Pounds x Hussein x Taliban Ju 808 Mafia)
10.- Shootin x Provation (Prod. Steve Lean)
11.- CBR (Prod. DP Beats)
12.- Cold Turkey (Prod. Steve Lean) x Solté tu mano (Prod. d33j x Brodinski)
13.- Balenciaga (Prod. 808 Mafia)
14.- Lonely (Prod. Steve Lean)
15.- Valentino Demons (Prod. Steve Lean)
16.- Rosas Azules (Prod. Steve Lean)
BONUS TRACK: Effy (Prod. Steve Lean)



08/02 | Madrid (Sala Cool Stage), 
10/02 | Barcelona (Ciclo Caprichos de Apolo), 
02/03 | Granada (Sala Industrial Copera)
03/03 | Jaén (Sala Kharma) 
16/03 | Jerez de la Frontera (Festival Primavera Trompetera).