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If the utilitarian / workear trend continues to rise, ACW* has just entered the depths of the movement. As one of the greatest exponents of this current, it had to be Ross, and not another, who did something like this. Samuel Ross (@srd_______) and his project A-COLD-WALL* (@acoldwal) have just released a small capsule dedicated to the typical protection elements of any construction.

 A-COLD-WALL* | Heavy Duty Acetate Glasses

Heavy Duty Acetate Glasses

The small drop is made up of all the elements that the attendees of the Spring/Summer 2019 presentation received as a gift. The difference… you’ll have to pay for them.

A three-piece collection that includes a dust-resistant face mask, high-strength acetate goggles and earplugs to reduce the noise typical of a building site. All the pieces bear the ACW logo, albeit in a minimal way. The “protective equipment” is now available in the A-COLD-WALL* online shop. The prices range goes from 20 pounds for earplugs to 50 pounds for glasses.

A drop with zero functionality for most mortals, but with a great decorative capacity.