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Samuel Ross’s brand bring us a new piece as part of their Spring-Summer 2020 collection, with which they’ve raised the profile of street style: a tactical vest in a cream tone, made from synthetic, industrial and sculptural codes.


The utility vest follows in the wake of its black horn bag with a harness from the SS20 delivery. The garment embraces the body with large openings and soft curved edges joined by two translucent buckle straps in the centre. Dyed in an ivory cream palette, it has functional details that give the piece a semi-tactical look.

The ACW* stamp is subtly engraved on the right side of the torso, along with adjacent silver-tone zippers. As a final note, the designer highlights its practicality through two snap-flap pockets in which to store your essentials, while the fine top stitching has just outlined the ultimate tactical vest.

A Cold Wall* SS20 vest

The A-COLD-WALL* vest is now available on the H. Lorenzo e-commerce website for $989.