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Abra has debuted in Paris with its second show in history, which immerses us for another season in the Y2K universe that Abraham, its designer, is obsessed with.

The collection could be summed up as everything Barbie needs to wear on a daily basis. A less cute and more feisty Barbie, more mature and more subversive. ABRA girl prefers studs to crystals, and kitten heels to platforms, of course.

Her Spike boots, object of desire among celebrities, have made an appearance on the catwalk. Rosalia, Kali Uchis or Kourtney Kardashian are just some of those who have already joined the spike boots fever. This season, in addition to this model, there is another one where the toe is folded back, becoming square.

ABRA remains faithful to the colors that define it. The chromatic proposal moves between pastel shades of pink and green, fuchsia pink, black and navy blue. We also find the glitter effect in jumpsuits and dresses.

If Barbie of the 21st century were to wear a brand, she would definitely wear ABRA(@abra_now).