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From calm to madness, from absolute white to the darkest black, united by a touch of yellow and brushstrokes inspired by abstract expressionism. Calm’ is a sensorial and experimental rave. It is that constant search for sensations and feelings. An essence and a spirit that is captured stitch by stitch in a new collection full of sensory winks, and where the location does not go unnoticed.


The Invernadero del Palacio de Cristal de Arganzuela or, in this case, the idyllic enclave where the dreamlike becomes a palpable reality accompanies ‘Calma’. An architectural ensemble of the historic Matadero Municipal at Paseo de la Chopera 10, built by the architect Luis Bellido y González. Its imposing glass and white metal beams welcome and embrace craftsmanship and luxury in its most organic version, unpretentious and under an honest and responsible product with the environment that already defines Acromatyx. Its more than 9,000 species of plants and the comforting sound of fountains and sheets of water teleport us to the calm and serenity that gives its name to this collection.

The chromatic range is centred exclusively on jet blacks and pure whites, intermingled with a bright yellow that conveys strength and intensity. The yin and yang of a visual stroll through a complementary duality. For the creation, fluid fabrics such as taffeta, silk, poplin, second skin tulle or sequins with a scale effect have been used, fused with more organic fabrics such as denim and cold wool. Fabrics that coexist in harmony with metal appliqués, giving some garments that nostalgia of the 90s and 2000s. The 003 silhouette is clean, monochromatic and minimal. On occasions, it also plays with the architectural and cubic figure mixed with the abstract art of some of the garments.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of bringing the garments to life and complementing them is the collaborative nature of the brand. Firstly, Acromatyx‘s union with Swarovski® is based on decontextualising a luxury item linked to the night, to place it on a more accessible and urban plane. The Swarovski® pieces are fully integrated into garments, jewellery, accessories and crown two of the most important pieces in the collection, inspired by the fetish world: a harness and a pity bra.

Secondly, the collaboration with Hawkers® was born to put the finishing touch to those more nocturnal looks with the Phantom, 360 and Artik Big models, which have a futuristic, angular and enveloping design.

Finally, for the footwear, classic models from the house of New Rock were used to imbue the catwalk with 90s rave culture, in different colours and with various handmade reinterpretations made for the occasion.

For the hair concept, the Salon44 team intervened with clean hairstyles, hair that has been pulled away from the face, with a wet, almost plasticky effect, or straight natural hair. The strength comes from the platinum or intense yellow colours of some of the models that coexist perfectly with the natural colours, playing with the Aveda hair products. For the make-up, the creative team formed by the make-up artists Jose Carlos González, Ricardo Calero, Natalia Belda, Paula Soroa and Miriam Fernández have sought and worked on a washed face effect and a juicy face with a clean and shiny skin, highlighting the beauty of each model.

Finally, to achieve a storytelling from start to finish, Acromatyx has thought through every detail to the last detail. As they usually do in previous collections, they have once again collaborated with Jaime Ovel, a young DJ from Madrid, who has made music a key point in this project, managing to transmit the feeling deposited in this new collection in sound.

‘Calma’ by Acromatyx is that story told through fashion. That journey that is narrated with a prologue included. That different, extraordinary and exquisite personality that makes it unique and timeless. This is Acromatyx‘s calmness, that which is not told or planned, but lived and experienced.